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Getting Started with Microscopic Endodontics
(Two-day Hands-on course)

This is the first basic course meant for clinicians beginning their journey into the world of Microscopic Endodontics. During this Two-day Hands-on course, the participant will understand the fundamental principles of Microscopic Endodontics. The topics covered include designing or modifying an operatory to incorporate the microscope, so that the clinician can work ergonomically.

The participants will also learn mirror skills and hand-eye coordination to enable them to do clinical endodontics on all Maxillary and Mandibular teeth. After the course, participants will continue to receive online mentoring and assistance in their journey to becoming world-class Micro-Endodontists.

Course Fee: Rs 49,000

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Instrument Retrieval and Re-Treatment Endodontics
(Two-Day hands-on course)

This course is limited to clinicians who have prior experience working with the Microscope. Participants will need to have sufficient Hand-eye coordination, mirror skills and experience to work with the microscope before they take up this course.

Course Fee: Rs 39,000

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Microscopic Photography with Dr. Sergiu Nicola

This is a special one-day course in Microscopic photography and documentation conducted once-a-year by Dr. Sergiu Nicola. This course is usually held in February each year. This course is not for beginners. Participants who attend this course are expected to have basic skills in Micro-endodontics.

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The microscopic training Center was set up to assist Endodontists to incorporate the surgical microscope in clinical practice. 
We are not affiliated to any university nor conduct any certified Endodontic courses